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Health / November 13, 2015

8 Tricks for Wearing Mascara When You Have Sensitive Eyes

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What the experts say…

New Beauty / Winter/Spring 2015

“Botox is a terrific way to erase forehead wrinkles.” says New York oculoplastic surgeon Jessica Lattman, MD. “It’s done in-office and requires no downtime.”

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New Beauty Magazine

New Beauty Magazine / Spring/Summer 2013

My goal is to give patients a longlasting, natural-appearing result with the shortest recovery time possible. I am careful to do age appropriate rejuvenation. I review options with the patient and proceed with a treatment that will flatter their natural facial structure.

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Vogue Magazine

Vogue Magazine / January 2011

Jessica Lattman, MD, is an oculoplastic surgeon who shares the office with Dr Rosenberg, comes in. They discuss whether my surgery should include an endoscopic brow lift.

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Hampton Daze

Hampton Daze / 2010 Holiday Issue

Jessica Lattman, MD is an oculoplastic surgeon and a board certified ophthalmologist having a mission to customize each patient’s care and to provide the most long lasting and natural result with the shortest recovery time possible… She has an endless list of specialities such as cosmetic and reconstructive surgery in and around the eyes, the lashes and face, also dealing with skin cancer… Happy Spa La La Laaaa-Li-Daze: Laura Anne Pelliccio, Beauty Editor, shares firsthand experience as a patient.

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Vogue Magazine

Vogue Magazine / August 2008

Over the past decade, I have been face-to-face with Mercedes (she also does my makeup) at a distance of about eight inches or less on an extremely regular basis. I know her features almost as well as I know my own. She always looks great, but I had no idea she’d had her lower eyes done. Which, of course, is the point.

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