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Eyelid Surgery / Eye Lift

When the eyelid loosens or falls, patients often feel a disconnect between the way they look and how they feel. Dr. Lattman’s eyelid rejuvenation and repair provides the muscle support required to reduce this common look of fatigue.

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Ptosis Repair

Eyelid Repair / Rejevenation

The effect of drooping eyelids may be both cosmetic and functional, with the common complaint that the lid is obstructing vision. Dr. Lattman is an expert in lid repair and restoring lids to a comfortable and beautiful position.

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Endoscopic Brow Lift

Brow Lift / Brow Repositioning

Many patients come to Dr Lattman wanting to improve the appearance of their upper eyelids and brow area.  Often, an upper eyelid blepharopalsty can correct the problem.  But in some patients, a low brow also contributes to the hooded and heavy appearance appearance of the upper eyelids.  Dr Lattman uses the endoscopic browlift technique to treat droopy eyebrows, and heavy upper lids in patients with low brows.

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Botox and Injectable Fillers

Wrinkle Correction / Facial Fillers

As both a surgeon and injector, Dr. Lattman knows the brow and eyelid anatomy inside and out. This allows her to strategically place Botox and fillers exactly where they will have the most effect and will look completely natural.

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Asian Blepharoplasty

Asian Lid Repair / Adjustment

An expert in eyelid surgery, Dr. Lattman's specific training in Asian lid anatomy makes her an ideal choice for this type of cosmetic or functional adjustment and repair. She is happy to customize her surgical approach to suit your unique needs.

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Microneedling / Aquagold / PRP / Facial / Cosmopen / Collagen Induction Therapy

Facial resurfacing and tightening is accomplished with microneedling. This treatment is also known as collagen induction therapy.

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Hair Restoration

Hair Transplant Surgery / PRP Therapy

Long gone are the days of ‘plugs and corn rows’ with hair restoration. Instead, Dr. Lattman creates natural appearing hairlines with techniques called follicular unit transplantation as well as follicular unit extraction.

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MOHS Reconstruction

Eyelid / Face Skin Cancer Removal

Dr. Lattman has extensive expertise in surgically treating skin cancer of the face, eyelid, and regions around the eyes. Her advanced techniques minimize scarring and preserve the important functions of the eyelid.

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