Asian Blepharoplasty

Asian Lid Repair / Adjustment

An expert in eyelid surgery, Dr. Lattman's specific training in Asian lid anatomy makes her an ideal choice for this type of cosmetic or functional adjustment and repair. She is happy to customize her surgical approach to suit your unique needs.

Surgical Approach

Dr. Lattman has extensive experience and expertise operating on Asian eyelids. During her early training, she studied the anatomy of the Asian lid and developed her own techniques for operating on them. She has collected a large following of Asian patients who seek cosmetic surgery of their eyelids.

What to Expect

Dr. Lattman’s experience operating on Asian lids for the past 18 years allows her to customize the surgery to each individual eyelid. Dr Lattman is able to adjust the surgery she performs to satisfy each patient’s vision of how they want their eyelids to look.

Please reach out to Sophia, our Patient Coordinator, with your photos and questions, via email at or by phone at 212-832-5456.

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