Ptosis Repair

Eyelid Repair / Rejuvenation

The effect of drooping eyelids may be both cosmetic and functional, with the common complaint that the lid is obstructing vision. Dr. Lattman is an expert in lid repair and restoring lids to a comfortable and beautiful position.

Surgical Approach

The medical term for a drooping eyelid is “Ptosis.” The term comes from the Greek word meaning a fall. It is easy to think of ptosis as an eyelid that has fallen down that cannot be lifted.

Ptosis causes visual obstruction which can limit day to day activities such as driving or reading. The most common cause of a drooping eyelid is when the muscle that opens the eye is stretched or week. Often patients try to lift the eyelid by raising the eyebrows. This may work for a while, but can often lead to headaches and deep brow furrows.

What to Expect

Dr. Lattman is an expert in treating ptosis. Ptosis correction is accomplished by tightening the muscles that open the eyes. Examination in the office helps determine where the lid will be placed after surgery. Ptosis repair is often combined with Blepharoplasty to complete the eye rejuvenation. After ptosis surgery the lid is able to be opened and closed and rests in a natural and youthful position.

Please reach out to Sophia, our Patient Coordinator, with your photos and questions, via email at or by phone at 212-832-5456.

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