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As a doctor who found myself in the patient seat, I was hesitant about who to seek medical care from.  I was fortunate to come acroass Dr. Lattman.  She is not only a skilled oculoplastic surgeon, but also a great person.  She was empathetic and went above and beyond to offer her services, and I am incredible grateful for that. I recommend her highly.

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I have been seeing Dr Jessica Lattman for almost 10 years and counting.  She is an incredibly talented and brilliant doctor with a most gifted and precise hand and eye for a marvelously natural look (she has done both upper and lower lid along with botox). I love the way she has kept me young and natural and she is the only person I would ever trust with my face.  She is so easy to talk to about anything and she truly cares about her patients. From the very first day I walked into her office, she and her staff have gone above and beyond to make sure my every visit has been exceptional.  There are simply not enough superlatives to capture Dr. Lattman’s abilities, talents, and the professionalism of her entire staff.   I very highly recommend Dr Lattman and her staff.

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I wish there were six stars to review! Dr.Lattman is an amazing physician with phenomenal skills. She is such a genuine person with incredible bedside manner, and takes her time with every appointment. Dr. Lattman is a miracle worker with injectables. Her expertise is evident with her meticulous attention to detail. I always feel comfortable in her office and her office staff are also incredible. Highly recommend for injectables and surgery!

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I have been fortunate to be a patient of Dr. Lattman’s for over twelve years, for vision care and treatment of a blepharospasm with botox. Several years ago Dr. Lattman noticed an eye condition that required consultation with a specialist. She guided me through the process, which fortunately provided reassurance that it would not become an issue. She has also treated my blepharospasm successfully, so that the tick has been reduced and requires less frequent treatments. Dr. Lattman and her office staff combine great personal warmth and attention with finely tuned professionalism, in a beautiful, modern office setting. I am happy to give her the highest recommendation.

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I am a 49yo male who has been thinking about getting rid of the saggy skin below my eyes for a couple of years. I finally talked to a friend who recommended Dr. Lattman. If you have seriously thought about eye surgery more than 3 times, you should have a consultation with her. She will charge you $450 for the consultation, but if you get the surgery, the $450 is credited to the over all cost. She will ask you the correct questions and she knows how to zero in on what you are actually looking for. I should have had surgery 5-10 years ago instead of wasting so much money on useless eye creams created by some extract from some special snail from some remote island in Japan. You know what I am talking about if you cared enough to read this far down this review. Seriously, think about how much money you have wasted on special eye creams. The lower blepharoplasty she recommended went perfectly. She and her staff walked me through the procedure and I felt like I was in real good hands the entire process. There was very little pain and minimal bruising. I had surgery on a Thursday and was back at work on Monday. I know it went well as several people at the office asked me what did I do as something was different. I told them I slept a lot over the weekend and also have been working out. One of them said, whatever you are doing, keep it up. I highly recommend Dr. Lattman. She and her staff have to be one of the best in NYC. Please don’t waste your time looking around. If you are looking to have eye work done, go see her now. I know you will not regret it.

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Dr. Lattman is the highest calibre surgeon, and she is also incredibly talented at elective treatments, such as injectables. Everything she does is subtle and natural looking, and precisely what I was hoping for. I have referred several friends and they were just as pleased as I continue to be over the years.

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I am a makeup artist for 20 plus years, and I have never seen such talented and creative work as Dr Latman’s. Not only is she a board certified ophthalmologist as well as a plastic surgeon, she is an artist! Kind, personable, and a perfectionist! From the moment you walk through the door of her clean and modern office, you are greeted by her caring and professinal staff. I refer my best clients to Dr.Latman as my “go to” doctor, for a natural, youthful appearance. Her work is unsurpassed, not only is she a master in ocular plastic surgery, but also the best at injectables! I highly recommend her without reservation!

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I used online reviews to help select Dr. Lattman. I was looking for an oculoplastic surgeon to remove a couple of skin tags (eyelid, orbital area). The reviews are true: Dr. Lattman is skilled and personable and I would use her again.

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My experience with Dr Lattman and her staff was life changing.  I’ve always hated my heavy lids and never knew that this was possible.  After having my consultation I was confident I had come to the very best doctor for this procedure.
My surgery day was 5 star, white glove and the operating suites are pristine. Every member of her staff was lovely, caring, patient and kind.  I was so comfortable with Dr. Lattman.
I am absolutely amazed with my results.  To say she changed my life is a understatement.  I love my eyes, I look rested and fresh.  I can’t say enough amazing things about Dr. Lattman.  She is just wonderful.

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I was referred to Dr Lattman by my Dermatologist.
After researching a few plastic and oculoplastic surgeons I decided to go with Dr Lattman, even though she was by far the most expensive.  She is super professional and I completely trusted her with finally helping me with my hooded eyelids that I had my whole life and had gotten worse as I got older. It has been 2 months and I LOVE my results. I couldn’t be happier and I know it will be a few more months till I see the final result.  I can finally use eye shadow and see it and I look much more refreshed.  Dr Lattman is very talented and I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to do any eye work. Thank you Dr L


I had an upper and lower eye surgery with Dr Lattman 10 years ago. I returned to her for what I thought was a need for another lower lid lift. I had filler injections under my eyes by my derm and I was having poor results from it. Dr. Lattman knew right away what the problem was. She could have just said you need another lid lift but she corrected the problem and guided me on some additional concerns I had. My eyes look as good as they did 10 years ago. This doctor is the best eye surgeon hands down. I traveled far to see her again. From the moment I walked into her office I knew I was in the absolute best care. Her team is top notch! Her skill is flawless. Her care and devotion to excellence never wavers!! I researched her extensively and her gentile surgical technique is why i do not have one visible scar on my eyes. Incredible results!! Her office team and hospital team are of the highest quality. I am RN for 25 years and I am humbled and honored to be cared for by Dr. Lattman and her team. Don’t look any further for a surgeon!!


I felt compelled to write my first review on Dr. Lattman. I have never written a review on anything or anyone but I knew I had to after I had my eyes done with this incredible doctor. 10 years ago I found Dr Lattman and had my upper and lower eye lids done. My eyes are still flawless 10 years later. I recently returned to her for help with a filler I had placed by another dr near my home. Dr Lattman is by far the most competent, talented, highly meticulous surgeon practicing today. I am a registered nurse for 24 years and have seen the work of other surgeons and no one compares to Dr. Lattman. I traveled far to see her and she put my mind at ease that the filler can be corrected and she corrected it and recommended other procedure that I could benefit from to continue to protect and keep my skin in great condition. She gives the most professional honest advice! Please do not trust anyone to do work on your face and eyes but Dr. Lattman. No one can believe I am 46. Her work is superior. She spent hours with me prior to surgery and follow care was top notch. Her gentle touch and surgical precision left my face like it was never touched. Her team is beyond wonderful. Do not look any further for a surgeon, she is the best!!


You can trust your eyes to Dr. Lattman! The first time I met her I scheduled my surgery! I appreciated the fact that she specializes in Oculoplastic surgery and has experience in working with a variety of shapes, including Asian eyes. I also appreciate her knowledge in reconstruction surgery. Dr. Lattman has wonderful energy, you feel uplifted in her presence. She is devoted to her work, has great care for her patients and has individual approach to every case, as there are no two similar eyes. I was afraid as I never had surgery before and am still amazed how smoothly everything went. After Blepharoplasty I had no bruises or pain. I am so happy I had the surgery, I feel so much relief as I was suffering from heavy eyelids and had obstruction of view. Now, I have my eyes back and feel younger and energized. I am very grateful to Dr. Lattman and appreciate her style of treatment. The entire staff at the office and the surgery center is highly professional, very caring and super nice.


I highly recommend Dr. Lattman!!  She and her staff are incredible.  I saw her upon the recommendation of another one of my doctors after seeking a specialist of ocular surgery to repair a prior seizure-related injury.  A few years ago, I had a grand mal seizures at work (I have focal epilepsy) and basically split the right half of my face open from above my right eyebrow down to my cheek.  The doctor that stitched me up at the ER was great, but that didn’t prevent the scar tissue from building up and tiny muscle/bone fractures in the area, which caused my eyes to appear asymmetrical.  Most people wouldn’t notice, but I look at myself in the mirror every morning and I could see the different pre and post-accident.  What seemed minor to most was bothering me on a daily basis, not just for cosmetic reasons, but also because my right eye was tearing out of control.  Dr. Lattman took one look at me and saw the same asymmetrical issue I saw every day.  She didn’t try to minimize how I felt about it, like most people, and I really appreciated that.  A few weeks later, she performed the surgery.  I felt no pain during or after the surgery.  Upon seeing the results, I started to tear up – with joy – because of how amazing the outcome was.  She lined the sutures up perfectly with the crease in my eyelid, so the scaring will be minimal and go unnoticed.  Thank you so much, Dr. Lattman!


From the moment I walked into the office door I felt good about my decision to use Dr. Lattman for my under eye surgery. Everyone that works in that office are down to earth, kind and completely professional. Dr. Lattman is warm and incredibly thorough, explaining everything to me from beginning to end. The day of my surgery was exciting and upbeat, the staff in the surgical center was impressive beyond words. My post care was as good as day one and I can’t wait to go back to do my upper eye lids one day! I felt lucky to be able to have had this surgery by such an incredible doctor and team.


You can’t put a price on the trust and reassurance you receive when surgery is done right. Everything from the reception area to the last office visit was superb. We are very happy with the recovery and already seeing the results we wanted. I’ve had no pain at all and minimal bruising. I am going back to work after just one week of recovery but I could have returned three days ago without any problem.


I received a referral from my dermatologist to seek out Dr. Lattman. When I arrived for my 1st consultation appointment, I was greeted by the friendly staff. My wait time was minimal. Less than 10 minutes. Dr. Lattman introduced herself and asked what my concerns were. She agreed with my issue concerning my eyes & said I’d be an excellent candidate for upper & lower blepharoplasty. I scheduled my surgery date a couple of days later. I received a packet in the mail explaining in detail my pre-operative instructions. After following the instructions to a T, I walked into my surgery confident & excited. Dr. Lattman made me feel comfortable. After coming out of recovery, the nurses were warm, caring, friendly & catered to my needs. I stayed at the Affinia hotel next door over night & had 2 private nurses. They administered ice, drops, helped me in& out of bed, eat, walk etc. I went home the next day & had my follow up a week later. Needless to say, it is exactly 1 month ago that I’ve had my surgery & I couldn’t be happier with the results. I highly recommend Dr. Lattman for her professionalism & dedication to patients needs.

D. Colgan

Dr. Lattman, an ocular plastic surgeon. I liked the idea that she only operated on eyes, is a board certified ophthalmologist as well as a plastic surgeon. I didn’t want to replace the growths for scars. So I took a leap of faith, made an appointment, and off I went to see a plastic surgeon on NYC’s upper east side. I worried about how I would be treated in an office typically devoted high-end patients when I am a person of modest means. How pleasantly surprised I was! Dr. Lattman is, simply put, an angel in a white coat. She reassured me that she could remove these and do so with minimal scarring while making my eyes look fabulous. Due to the fact she was doing one upper lid I opted to have her also do a blepharoplasty on my upper eyelids. The procedure was performed in her pristine office taking a little less than an hour under local anesthesia. It was painless. Dr. Lattman even chatted with me during the procedure. She and her staff were so reassuring I felt totally comfortable from start to finish. I was sent home with a “goody bag” of all the items I would need during my recovery. While I was bruised and swollen I didn’t care as I could already see that those horrid yellow growths were gone! Recovery was relatively painless and easy. Now, a short two weeks later, my eyes are looking so much better and already it is apparent that the lower lids where she excised very large xanthelasmas will truly look fabulous. Even the very fine line where the lower lids were cut and sutured are almost totally faded. There will be no scars! Even nicer, while I only had the growths excised from my lower lids, Dr. Lattman actually appears to have removed the bags as well even though she did not perform a blepharoplasty. When she initially told me that my eyes would look great she was not kidding. Dr. Lattman is a surgeon cum artist. For the first time in a year I can look in a mirror without crying and take my glasses off in public without feeling people are staring at me. For anyone needing eye surgery, whether for cosmetic or medical reasons, this is the surgeon to use. She is kind, caring, and attentive. She is a wonderfully skilled surgeon. I know she has her share of celebrity clients but it is apparent that all her patients are special and important to her. Her fabulous staff reflect this same attitude. Put yourself in her capable hands. I promise you will be happy you did.


Dr Jessica Lattman is truly talented. She has the ability to look at your face and know just how to help you to look younger and more vibrant in the most natural way. She never ‘over does it’ and has such a warm and endearing bedside manner. She is one of a kind.


I had been unhappy with the fat pads under my eyes for years. I’m in my early 60s, in good shape and the pads were a real anomaly for me. As I got older and lost some elasticity in the skin under my eyes, the bags started to droop more and I wanted to address it. My dermatologist referred me to Dr. Lattman for a consult and it was a great experience right from the start. I did not want to change my appearance materially so we decided on a transconjunctival blepharoplasty procedure to remove and re-position the fat pads. I can’t emphasize enough the level of surface and responsiveness of the staff provided from beginning to end. You’ll find that you get top quality care from everyone on Dr. Lattman’s team. To give you an idea – I had been troubled by a sinus infection in the weeks leading up to up my surgery. When I arrived Dr. Lattman concluded it would not be safe to perform the procedure with my sinuses inflamed. Of course, I was very disappointed but Dr. Lattman offered a consult with Dr. Paul, a doctor on her team who is an ENT specialist. He diagnosed me with a bacterial infection, prescribed the right antibiotic and 2 weeks later I was healthy and ready to have my procedure. I felt so fortunate and Dr. Paul was great. He even did my follow up visit after my procedure. It’s been 10 days nw since I had the procedure and I’m happy with the outcome. And I know with more time and healing the outcome will be even better.

Dr. Jessica Lattman is simply the best! She is brilliant, warm, thorough and professional. When you enter her office, it is clean and serene. Her disposition is lovely and she explicitly explains her procedure. Her office is organized and the support staff are amazing. I highly recommend this skilled surgeon and equally lovely woman.


I Have known Dr Lattman for many years And was one of her first patients when she went into private practice. I had had my eyes done previously and was left with a small ridge of skin almost a crease. The Doctor who had done the surgery basically told me to live with it. I went to see Dr Lattman and she immediately knew what to do. She performed what she called an eye pinch under both eyes and straighter out the muscle that was causing the ridge. She is very capable and a talented surgeon.


I had mild ptosis and droopy eyelids—and now I don’t, thanks to Dr. Lattman! The results from my surgery are very natural and I couldn’t be happier. Her office, OR, and staff are all excellent, too! I followed her advice pre and post-surgery and did not have any problems. In fact, I only had the smallest of bruises (I’m still not sure how she did it)! She is very professional and a true artist.


My experience with Dr. Lattman was absolutely wonderful in every respect. Dr. Lattman immediately put me at ease when I went to her for eye surgery. My apprehension was soothed with Dr. Lattman’s warm manner. She is very easy to talk to and she was very patient explaining what I could expect from the preparation for the surgery and the result afterwards. I was always able to reach Dr. Lattman with any questions that I might have both before and after the surgery. There was never a problem too small for her to take the time to explain and to reassure me. The result of my eye surgery was masterful and the procedure was as pain free as one could expect. Dr. Lattman’s operating facility is state of the art. It is a comfortable environment with excellent assistants. I heartily recommend Dr. Lattman.


I appreciate perfection from a phsician especially when that said physician is working on my face. Dr Lattman is a pleasure, and certainly is accomplished at what she does. As a healthcare professional myself, I can say that when you find this breed in medicine you hold on to it dearly and tell everyone that needs this type of care. You won’t be disappointed!


I have been seeing Dr. Lattman in her beautiful office for about four years now for Botox and filler injections around my face and eyes. She is sweet, down to earth, professional, and precise with her work.   Every time I leave feeling better about the way I look and impressed with her care and finesse.  Everything about the experience meets and exceeds my expectations; from the ease of making an appointment, to the minimal waiting times, and excellent care from all of her staff.  Most of all I enjoy looking natural and refreshed, not like ” I had something done.”  Highly recommend.


I was fortunate to be recommended to Dr. Jessica Lattman, in 2007.  The moment I entered the office I was welcomed with warmth and caring.  This feeling continued throughout my entire visit.  Dr. Lattman was professional and instilled confidence.  Before I left I booked a an appointment to preform the surgery on my upper eye lids.  The surgery was painless and ease.  Ten years later I still enjoy the benefit of the procedure.


Dr Lattman is the best! You can not trust any Doctor for things like Botox and fillers. She has an exceptional eye so that her patients look fantastic but totally natural! That’s the most important. You should just look good, but still like yourself. Her office is gorgeous and her staff is always courteous and lovely. I truly can not say enough good things about her. She is meticulous and a perfectionist when she evaluates what is best for you and always follows up to see if you are happy.


Dr. Jessica Lattman is simply the Best.  Extremely intelligent, knowledgeable and kind with an incredible bedside manner.  Her staff is professional and considerate.
Dr Lattman is highly skilled and up to date with all the latest procedures.  She is very thorough and precise and takes her time with every patient. I cannot give her a higher recommendation.
Her offices are beautiful, clean and calming.  I find that she will never recommend anything that is not beneficial to a patient and has been known to turn away patients if a procedure is not necessary. I have many friends that are patients of Dr. Lattman and everyone agrees that she exceeds all expectations and she provides very natural looking results.



Dr Jessica Lattman is a true professional in the field of cosmetic surgery! From the moment you walk into her office you are welcomed and put to ease by her amazing staff!
Dr Lattman has taken years off my face with her gentle yet precise approach . I look so well rested and ” great” for my age, Dr Lattmen’s secret to this is a gentle soft precise method that just works! Whether you are considering Fillers,botox or eye lid surgery, Dr Lattman is your answer!
If you are looking for a pick me up at 50 do not hesitate!! Beauty in a bottle works and will take years off of your face, I promise you will walk out feeling  great and looking fabulous!
I highly recommend her! She is the best!!!-Scarsdale Mom


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