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Puffy Eyes: What causes them and what to do about them

Puffy EyesA swollen eyelid occurs when excess fluid builds up in the loose connective tissues around your eyes, Typically a swollen eyelid will resolve on its own in a day or two. But if it lasts longer than then it is important to have it evaluated and treated.

There are several reasons that you may experience a swollen eyelid. They include:

Allergies - This is the most common cause of a swollen eyelid, especially this time of year. Most allergies are due to seasonal pollen, but the swelling can also be due to a reaction to food, chemicals or other irritants that get in contact with your eyelid skin.

Conjuntivitis - More commonly known as “pink eye,” this is an infection that causes swelling, redness and discharge from the eye. It can be caused by a virus, bacteria or allergens.

Chalazion - A blockage of a tear gland in your eyelid can cause a red bump that may be tender to the touch. This may cause swelling of the affected eyelid.

Orbital Cellulitis - This is an infection of the eyelid and the tissues around the eye. This can be caused by bacteria spreading from a sinus infection or trauma to the eyelid skin. It causes redness and painful swelling of the eyelids. This is a true emergency and needs to be treated with antibiotics.

Thyroid Related Eye Disease - Also known as “graves disease,” this is an autoimmune condition that causes inflammation around the eyes.

Orbital Tumors - This is a rare cause of eyelid swelling, but needs to be considered in cases when the swelling is persistent or causes other visual symptoms.

If your swollen eyelids don’t improve in a few days then they need to be evaluated and treated.

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