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What is the right age to have eyelid surgery?

The answer is different for everyone! I see many patients in their 20's who have had lower lid bags since their teens. For these patients, mid to late 20's can be the right time to have these bags removed.

I see patients in their early 30's who are noticing frown lines and crows feet. For these patients, it may be the right time to start getting Botox.

What is the right age for eyelid surgery

I also see patients in their late 40's who have never considered cosmetic surgery but don't want to look tired anymore. They feel great, but what they see in the mirror does not reflect how they feel. For these patients late 40's may be the right time for cosmetic eyelid surgery.

And then I see many patients in their 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's who want to look refreshed and less tired. So cosmetic eyelid surgery can be a good idea at many different ages.

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