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I am nervous that I will look “done” after my eyelid surgery.

Posted November 1st, 2016

Thank you for your excellent question. This is a concern that I hear from many new patients. First of all, it is important to choose a surgeon that shares your aesthetic sensibility. I believe in giving a natural result that maintains the unique appearance of my patients’ eyelids.

Eyelid surgery can look completely natural, without appearing pulled, hollow or overdone. When I meet a new patient, I get to know their individual aesthetic needs before I offer my opinion. I look at each patient in the context of their overall health, then their face and then the eye area. Understanding what they want and turning that into a reality is imperative.

For the upper lids, I evaluate the brow and upper eyelids together, and discuss with the patient what their goals are. I formulate the surgical plan, with my patients, so that they know exactly what to expect. I listen to what they want to achieve, and use all of my surgical knowledge and experience to make that a reality for them. I always take into account their natural eyelid structure, and plan for what will best enhance that.

When addressing the lower lids, I discuss the different surgical approaches (subcillary vs trans-conjunctival) and also evaluate the quality of the skin. Often I will suggest a laser resurfacing at the same time, to rejuvenate the lower lid skin which is so prominent on the face.

I take great pride in my ability to handle the many complexities of the eyelid. I use my reconstructive skills in conjunction with cosmetic surgery to customize each treatment plan. My comprehensive knowledge and experience with the delicate and complex eye area allows me to approach each surgery with years of experience behind me. I can look at a person’s eyelids and draw from a wealth of experience, to give each person exactly the result they want.

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