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Am I Too Young For BOTOX?

I am asked all the time what is the "right" age to start Botox treatments. The answer depends on each individual. The youngest patient I have treated with Botox was 25 at the time. Starting early can help to prevent permanent wrinkles from forming. Once a frown line or forehead line is etched into your skin, when you are not expressing, it can be challenging to treat with Botox alone.

Many of my young patients are nervous at first that they will look overdone. Some are worried that Botox will make their face look frozen. This is absolutely not the case. In the right hands, Botox treatments look soft, natural and overall makes the face look more rested and youthful. However, the final result does depend on the experience and technique of the injector.

Am I Too Young for BOTOX

As an oculoplastic surgeon, I understand the dynamic relationship of the muscles around the eyes and the upper face. I can expertly use Botox to raise the brows (liquid brow lift) and also to soften frown and smile lines, all while keeping the face looking natural and untouched. I understand how it is essential that the facial muscles are balanced so that the brow remains in a natural position, and nothing looks "done."

Usually, I will see my patients back two weeks later after their first treatment with me. I like to make sure they are completely happy with the result, and also to see if we can improve on anything for their next treatment. After that, I usually see patients every 3-5 months for maintenance.

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