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What is the best time of year to have cosmetic eyelid surgery?

Best Time of Year for Eyelid SurgeryI am often asked by patients what is the best time of year to have cosmetic eyelid surgery. There are pro’s and con’s to each time of year. But what I universally believe is that it should be done at a time of year when you can block out time from work and other responsibilities to give yourself time to rest and heal.

The winter is often a good time to have cosmetic blepharoplasty because most people are less active and can hunker down for a few days while they recover. I have a lot of patients who don’t want to give up time out on the golf course or swimming at the beach. So for them the winter is a great time.

For others the summer is the ideal time. School and work schedules tend to slow down and the evidence of surgery can be easily covered with a pair of sunglasses. I have a lot of mom’s who do their surgery while their kids are off at sleep away camp or other summer adventures.

If you are combining your surgery with a laser skin resurfacing I would suggest doing it at a time when you will not be in direct sun, So fall and winter are the best times for that.

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