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Blepharoplasty FAQ's

I am excited to share some of the most frequently asked questions patients ask before cosmetic eyelid surgery. I know there are many more questions I won’t get to here, so feel free to send in questions or topics you would like addressed in my blog and I would be happy to answer them.FAQ's about Eyelid Surgery

How long is the recovery after upper eyelid surgery?

Most patients get back to their normal activities about a week after surgery. You will have stitches that stay in for a week. The eyelids will be slightly bruised and swollen. The day after surgery you will be able to use your eyes normally. So you can read, watch TV and work at a computer.

What can I do to recover faster?

We will give you post-op instructions that ensure a quick recovery. Some of them include:

  • Apply cold compresses for the first 2 days
  • Sleep with your head elevated
  • Drink plenty of fluids
  • Avoid salty food and alcohol
  • Eat healthy meals with plenty of protein to help your body heal
  • Avoid bending or strenuous activity

Does Eyelid Surgery Hurt?

Eyelid surgery in not typically painful. Some patients feel a sense of tightness the first few days. The eyes may feel dry, or watery. The eyelids may feel sore or slightly uncomfortable. Typically the discomfort is easily managed with Tylenol for the first few days.

Will I have to repeat my eyelid surgery?

In my experience, most people do not have to repeat eyelid surgery. While your face and skin will continue to age, the results of eyelid surgery can be very long lasting.

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