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Congenital Ptosis- Case Study

Congenital ptosis is a condition where a child is born with one or both eyelids that droop. If the droop is severe and affects visual development, then the droop is always repaired early in childhood.

For less severe ptosis, or where visual development is not affected, the droop is often not surgically repaired until it becomes a cosmetic issue. This is a case of a 22 year old who was born with a drooping left upper eyelid. He had unsuccessful surgery to repair the droop when he was 15 by another surgeon. After that failed surgery he was scared to have another procedure so he lived with the droop even though he was extremely self conscious.

This post-op photo is one month after a successful ptosis repair that I performed. You can notice that there is excellent symmetry and the eyelid is in a normal position. The patient was absolutely thrilled with his beautiful result.

Congenital Ptosis

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