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Tips For Eye Care In The Colder Months

Fall is just around the corner. Days get shorter and the weather will turn colder and drier. This is the time of year when I start seeing patients in my office with dry eye, cracked and itchy eyelid skin and eczema. Here are some great tips for transitioning into fall while keeping your eyes healthy and looking good.

Tips for eye care in colder months

Lubricate your eyes! The first signs of “dry eye” are typically burning, a foreign body sensation and redness. I love refresh Optive preservative free lubricating eye drops to help combat dry eye. I keep them everywhere...and the slightest sensation of dryness I put in a drop. If your eyes continue to feel dry with regular use, then I would suggest coming into the office to be evaluated as there are many great prescription treatments for dry eye.

Keep your skin well hydrated. My favorite for keeping my skin hydrated is cetaphil moisturizing cream for extra dry skin. It is Paraben and fragrance-free. I use it right after washing my face in the morning and night. It keeps my skin hydrated without irritating it.

Don’t forget the sunscreen! It is easy in the fall and winter months to forget sunscreen. I apply EltaMD UV clear every morning and I keep some in my office to reapply at the end of the day when I leave work. I also always wear some sort of UV eye protection whenever I am outside in all seasons! This helps prevent UV damage to the delicate eyelid skin.

Enjoy the cool days, but keep the health and beauty of your eyes in mind!

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