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Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery FAQ’s Part 2

Eyelid Surgery FAQ's Part 2Here are a few more of the most frequently asked questions about cosmetic eyelid surgery:

Is cosmetic eyelid surgery painful?

No, most patients experience mild discomfort but do not describe pain. We will give you medication for pain, but most of my patients don’t need it.

Does eyelid surgery leave scars?

There is always a scar after surgery. However the eyelid skin heals the best out of any area on the body. This is because the eyelid skin is thin. So while there are very faint scars, they become undetectable over time.

How long will my eyes be blurry after surgery?

Most people experience a small amount of blurry vision for a day or two after surgery. This can be treated with lubricating drops. You will have no bandages, and you will be able to see immediately after the surgery. The blurriness is mostly when reading fine print.

How long does eyelid surgery last?

Eyelid surgery typically lasts a lifetime. Over the years, the face will continue to age. Care with sun exposure is a good idea to keep the skin and underlying collagen healthy. Some patients may find that their brows drop over time, and may elect to do a brow lift years after their eyelid surgery.

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