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What is a Chalazion and how do I treat it?

Eyelid ChalazionA chalazion is a small lump or swelling on the eyelid. Chalazia are caused by a blockage in a meibomian gland on the eyelid. It can develop on the upper or lower eyelid. Some people are more prone to get chalazions than others.

Risk factors for chalazia include acne, rosacea, blepharitis or any long term inflammation of the eyelid. In my experience, life factors such as stress, travel and big life events can bring on an episode.

I will typically diagnose a chalazion by simply examining the eyelid. I may also look under the eyelid also to see the full extent. I will also examine the meibomian glands. If there is any associated blepharitis or dry eye I will offer treatments for those conditions as well.

Treatments for chalazia include, warm compresses, topical antibiotic drops and oral antibiotics. In the office I may also inject the area with steroid (Kenalog) to help the chalazion shrink. In some cases, I will surgically drain the chalazion. The surgical drainage is also done in the office.

Most chalazia will eventually go away on their own, although this can take many moths. Medical treatments help to shorten the course of the chalazia.

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