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Eyelid Surgery Recovery - What you need to know

Many of my patients are busy men and women who need to get back to their everyday activities ASAP! So I take optimizing recovery very seriously. Surgical technique, pre-op preparation and post op care are all key factors in a speedy recovery after surgery. Here is the lowdown on recovery after cosmetic eyelid surgery.

Eyelid Surgery Recovery - What you need to know

The day of the procedure

The day of the procedure don’t expect to get much done other than showing up for surgery and resting after. My staff will greet you at my surgery center and you will be welcomed and made to feel relaxed and comfortable. Most patients have little to no pain after surgery and go home and rest comfortably that day. You will need to apply ice as instructed throughout the day. If you would like, our office provides private duty nurses to take you home and spend the first day and/or night with you, so you can relax and feel well taken care of. This is a great option and relieves any stress of questions that may come up that first day.

The first week

You will have stitches for the first week after surgery. Most patients have a mild amount of bruising and swelling. It is important in the first week to avoid heavy lifting and bending because this increase bruising. Most patients resume a limited “normal” schedule during the first week. Meaning you will be able to read, work at the computer, drive and be gently active.

The second week

After the stitches come out most patients resume more normal activities. Heavy bending and lifting is still not allowed this week, but most of my patients are able to go back to the office.

The third week

This week all of the bruising should be gone. Some mild swelling will persist and the “final” result really can take months to see, but by the third week patients can resume all normal activities, including getting back to the gym.

The months to Follow

In the following months I will continue to see you in the office. Usually I see my patients at 7 days post-op, 1 month post-op, 3 months post-op and 6 months post-op. It is always great to stay in close touch with my patients and hear how the surgery has changed their lives for the better. I tell all my patients that they are welcome back to the office at any time and I am always available to them. Forming long lasting relationships with my surgical patients is one of my favorite things about what I do.

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