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What Is Ocular Rosacea?

Ocular RosaceaOcular rosacea is chronic inflammation that causes redness, burning and itching of the eyes. It often develops in people who have rosacea, a chronic skin condition that affects the face.

Rosacea on the face can cause your cheeks to flush. You may also develop what looks like acne on your nose, cheeks, chin or forehead. Ocular Rosacea can be uncomfortable.

Signs and symptoms of Ocular Rosacea are:

  • Red, burning or watering eyes
  • The feeling like there is something in your eye
  • Redness and swelling of the eyelids especially at the base of the eyelashes
  • Chronic styes or chalazion
  • Clogged oil glands of the eyelids

Ocular Rosacea Treatment

While there is no cure for ocular rosacea, symptoms can be controlled.

Treatments for eye symptoms include:

  • Steroid drops and ointments to reduce redness and swelling.
  • Antibiotic pills, drops or ointments to treat inflammation.
  • Artificial tear drops to help keep eyes moist.
  • Eyelid scrubs to keep your oil glands open and free of infection.
  • Punctal plugs to help keep the eyes moist.

If you are suffering from any of the above symptoms, it may be due to ocular rosacea. There are many great treatments so that you can be comfortable and keep your eyes healthy.

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