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Ptosis - Frequently Asked Questions

PtosisWhat is Ptosis and does it affect vision?

Ptosis is a condition when the eyelid drops down and covers part of the eye. If the eyelid drops far enough to cover some of the pupil then it may affect the peripheral vision. Ptosis can be present at birth or it can develop later in life. If the ptosis is severe in young children it can affect the development of normal vision. In adults ptosis can block vision and be bothersome while reading or driving. Adults and children often try to compensate for the droopy eyelid by using the forehead muscles to help lift the eyelid.

Who is a candidate for surgical repair of ptosis?

Most patients who present with ptosis are good candidates for repair. As long as the patient is well and the eyelid healthy then the ptosis can usually be surgically repaired. Patients with moderate to severe dry eye are not good candidates for surgical repair, because elevating the eyelid position can make dry eye symptoms worse.

When a patient comes to my office with ptosis, I will evaluate the eyes for any medical conditions that may be underlying and causing the ptosis. Patients with an underlying condition is not a candidate for surgical repair. These include:

  • Tumor around or behind the eye.
  • Diabetes.
  • Horner syndrome.
  • Myasthenia gravis.
  • Stroke.
  • Swelling in the eyelid, such as with a stye.

Who is the best doctor to repair ptosis?

Ptosis should always be repaired by an oculoplastic surgeon trained in this procedure. The eyelid anatomy is complex. Ptosis surgery requires years of training and expertise to perfect. It is important that your surgeon has many years of experience performing surgical ptosis repair.

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