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Staying Hydrated in Cold Weather

Your eyes and skin will thank you.

We are well into the depths of winter and the cold weather has settled in. Did you know that it is actually more common to get dehydrated in winter than in the summer? During the winter months the air is less humid and you lose more water from your body with each breath you take during the day.

Some signs of dehydration include, dry skin, feeling dizzy, headache, feeling tired, sunken eyes, dry mouth and dry eyes. Also if your urine is dark and cloudy, this could be a sign of dehydration. So here are my top 5 tips for staying hydrated in the winter. Your eyes, skin and your whole body will thank you!

Staying Hydrated in Cold Weather

Replace What you Lose

Water leaves the body through exhalation, perspiration and urination. If you are exercising in the dry winter air, and sweating you will need to drink more water. Also make sure your urine is pale and plentiful. If it is dark and scant you need more fluids.

Use a Humidifier

Indoor air is extremely dry in the winter. Place a humidifier in your office and bedroom. It will keep you skin and eyes from feeling dry.

Eat Healthy

Avoid salty, processed foods that rob your body of fluids. Eat fruit and veggies which have a high natural water content.

Drink non-caffeinated Tea

I keep a cup of tea on my desk all day long. My favorites are camomile and ginger. Put a splash of apple cider vinegar in for extra flavor and an added health boost.

Infuse your water bottle with Fruits or Veggies

Sometimes it can be hard to stomach a bottle of water when it’s cold outside. Try infusing your water with cucumber or orange slices. This adds a subtle flavor and makes drinking easier.

Dr. Jessica Lattman

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