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Virtual Consultations - what to expect

virtual consultation with dr. jessica lattmanWhile our offices were closed over the past few months, I began offering remote consultations. I had always offered these for my out of town patients, but started meeting local patients this way. Even though I am now back in the office, I have continued to offer remote visits. This new way of interacting with old and new patients has been great.

There are many benefits to remote visits

  • First they can happen anytime. It is much easier to accommodate patients' schedules with the remote visit. The office does not have to be officially open to virtually see a patient. I offer remote visits in the evenings and weekends.
  • Secondly, I find that patients feel less stress in their own space. The anxiety of coming into the office is removed, so a more relaxed interaction happens.

There is so much that gets accomplished in a remote visit

For new patients it is a time when we can get to know each other. I can visually examine the eyes and face and offer my suggestions. I can explain my aesthetic sense and surgical approach. Most patients come with a list of questions that I go over and answer for them. After the remote visit, if the patient decides to proceed with surgery, or would like to meet in person, my office makes all that happen.

Now that we are living in this new age of Zoom meetings and Facetime, remote visits are a great opportunity for me to see how my patients look on a screen. I offer suggestions for surgical and non-surgical interventions to improve their appearance on the screen.

It is my great joy to educate my patients about cosmetic eyelid surgery, botox, fillers and eyelid skin treatments. Remote visits allow me to talk about what I love 7 days a week! For established patients and post-ops, I can see how they are healing and offer reassurance and medical advice.

While the remote visit will never replace personal interactions, it has been a fantastic addition to my practice. Hope to see you all on the screen soon.

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